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Default Re: Avid! I bought LE, an M-Audio interface, I ain't buying M-Powered as well! Upgrad

Are you saying the 003 is over 2k, or the 003 rack is over 2k? Because if you're talking about U.S. Dollars that sounds about the same as here.

Digi does have a trade up program which I briefly mentioned in my post. Unless it's for U.S. only. I've never checked on that.

You can sell your mbox with the software and you and the buyer fill out a hardware exchange. This means he will be eligible for trade up programs, etc.

If you do decide on a 003 rack, you could also look at the 003 rack plus. It has 8 preamps instead of 4. However, you'd do just as well to get the regular 003 rack and expand it with something like a Presonus Digimax FS.
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