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Default Re: Avid! I bought LE, an M-Audio interface, I ain't buying M-Powered as well! Upgrad

Firstly, I did a search.
The 003 is pretty sweet, but it's only 4 XLR inputs and I need 8. I don't want to have to get yet another piece of gear to run 8 tracks. Plus I'm in Australia and 003s go for way too much anyway (over 2k).
I just think if they made "upgrades" available it would make Pro Tools more accessible for amateurs, they should be embracing amateur users, rather than making it difficult for them. The Mbox was great to begin with and I did a bunch of research when I bought it, but I'm beginning to see its limitations. I will probably have to sell it and buy M-Powered unfortunately. And really, is the Digidesign gear that much better than the M-Audio stuff?

Side Question- If I sell my M-Box locally, will someone else be able to use all of the software and plugins without authentication issues (as in, are the access codes locked to a digidesign user account?)? So if I gave them all the access codes would they have any problems?
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