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Default Avid! I bought LE, an M-Audio interface, I ain't buying M-Powered as well! Upgrade?

I've used PT LE for almost 2 years and I love using it, but the compatibility sends me insane. I only have an M-Box and I need to start recording drums so I've ordered an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R, but I'm not going to be able to use Pro Tools LE. I'd have to either effectively RE-BUY Pro Tools (as M-Powered) or switch to Reaper for recording and do all my editing and mixing in PTLE.

Avid should be making it easy for us to use products we've paid good money for. I bought LE, now I'm buying an M-Audio interface, I shouldn't have to then buy M-Powered just to use it. They've already got enough of my money. And if Reaper's good, I'll make the switch. I love Pro Tools, but I'm sick of jumping through hoops to use it!

I think Avid should introduce a cheap (like $50) or free upgrade to M-Powered for those who've bought LE and switch to an M-Audio interface. That'd convince me to stay on team Pro Tools. Logic has the right idea.

Anyone else in the same boat? I realise there's a thread dedicated to Reaper (and I posted this in that), but I feel that this is an issue which should be made known (unless there's already a thread).
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