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Default Re: Upgrade to 12 core or New Mac Mini

Why are you using Pro Tools 10 for tracking? (Edit oh I see it’s you have a HD/TDM system).

Why mention not going to Pro Tools 12 when 2019.5 is a fantastic improvement in performance/scalability (certainly over 11/12/2018).

What actual issues are you trying to solve by upgrading? The thing trapping you is you are running TDM... your question is not clear... are you getting rid of TDM totally? Or you just want to upgrade the non-TDM system?

Ignoring the TDM trap for now: I would tend to upgrade cheese graters, especially if I could get them onto 2019.5 or later, ideally on Mojave with suitable metal capable GPU and NVMe SSD... it’s about the whole package not just number of CPU cores. Legacy cheese graters might not get macOS Catalina support, but maybe that will get hacked around. The hard reason I would dismiss cheese grater options now is if you need Thunderbolt. But pretty much 2019.5 would drive all my thinking about future options.

If you want to stay on TDM then I'd tend to leave that system as is, unless you need more CPU to fix issue there, and you would hopefully not for tracking, and I'd want to mix on 2019.5 given how far ahead of 10 it is. Then an effort to update the other Mac Pro cheese grater (or maybe buy a more recent used one is an option) makes sense. All depends on what actual problems you are trying to solve.

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