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Default Upgrade to 12 core or New Mac Mini

Hey guys, I use Pro Tools 10 HD and Pro Tools 11 HD Native. Not interested in going to PT 12 well at least not yet.

I use Pro Tools 10 HD for recording and some mixing and Pro Tools 11 HD just for mixing.

I have a 2.66 ghz 2009 Mac Pro. I also have another Mac Pro I'm thinking of upgrading as well but it's a 2006 that I don't use.

Anyway, I was think of just getting a 12 core (or 6 Core if that's better for Pro Tools) tray and cpu upgrade. It's so cheap and would work for both of my computers.

Or, get a new Mac Mini 6 core i7 then just use that for mixing.

What do you guys think?

Thanks, Marc
Mac Pro 2.66ghz/PTHD3-10.3.10/OS 10.9.5/192 /16 Gigs Of RAM

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