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Default Avid Link - 'No Upgrade' vs 'Current'

Hi Folks !

In checking my plugs for updates ( bi-weekly-ish routine), I get confused by Avid:

Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle. Purchased subscription, not expired. Activated to iLok.

NEW PC System
(win 10/1903, PT 2019.5, iLok5.0.3, Avid Link 19.8.0/808):
Avid Link show 'No Upgrade' for some plugins and 'Current' for some plugins.
ONE EXAMLE of a 'No Upgrade' plugin is Pro Expander.

OLD MAC system
(osx sierra 10.12.4, PT 12.7.1, iLok 5.0.3, Avid AppManager 2018.10 )
AppManager show 'Current' on all plugs incl Pro Expander

Same version of Pro Expander installed on both systems, 2018.8. N.B. Pro Expander is only ONE example of many 'No Update'-ers

My questions:

What is the significance/meaning of 'No Upgrade' and 'Current' respectively?

Why is 'No Upgrade' showing when there is a non-expired subscription activated to my iLok dongle - 'No Upgrade' I would expect for an expired subscription ?

The above seems to suggest that AvidLink is not to be trusted for proper info on updates so therefore, finally, how to get current updates to the plugs in the Complete Plugin Bundle, if any?

Pls educate me
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