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Default Re: switching to PC, question about video playback

For video playback, I'm using a macbook & PT LE system that in sync with my WinXP-based HD system. OMF file import is also available on Windows, Digitranslator is required for that.

All of the OSX functions are available on PC of course, but you have to get used to different key commands. I am hopping from OSX PT systems to Win systems every day, after a while you get used to it. To avoid additional confusion, I am using a mac keyboard on the Win workstations exclusively.

In regards to stability, I am aware of the fact that some people run into problems with certain computer configurations, yet my supersilent custom ADK intel quadcore system (based on a Gigabyte X38 mobo) runs like a charm even though it's quite an unusual combination (PT HD1Accel + 2x TC PoCo + 2x UAD-1). So, out of my experience, the stability is more or less the same, in the last year I saw more Mac based systems crashing, but that was the time of OSX 10.4
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