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Default Studio at work - is it overkill? Can I build it cheaper at home?

At work we have this setup (outlined below). Our main objectives are to:

A. Edit dialogue tracks and listen down with producer.
B. Record dialogue while performing the above.
C. Build final dialogue onto a video and watch down on a large TV (rather than a small monitor).

Given these objectives, is the setup that I have at work built to overkill? I want to build a small version at home (preferably with an iMac Pro) and would like to know your thoughts on alternative hardware. For example, maybe the Avid Artist DNxIV is the only audio/video interface I need?

This is the (expensive) system at work:

Mac Pro 2013 (trash can) - running Pro Tools 12. Two monitors for a wide view.

Apogee Symphony IO - Interfacing with the Mac Pro via Thunderbolt. Utilizing 1 microphone input. Outputs to 2 sets of Stereo speakers (a primary L/R set and an alternate L/R set).

Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K - receives video input from Mac Pro via HDMI. Outputs to TV via HDMI. The sole purpose of this unit is so that the Pro Tools video window can be displayed on a TV rather than a floating window on the monitor. And for I it to be 4K.
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