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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019.5 some info please!

Originally Posted by pepepan View Post
I have seen lots of people complaining, not just me. And I came to ask why it move so slow! Im talking about why PT has 7 real updates when others have 70!
Just asking why they dont improve it fast enough. Im not the only one asking for simple things like adding a plugin while playback when one track has record enable, or arm the track to record while playback, that is just availble for midi track. Not for audio. That! Is my humble question. Why is it so difficult to offer that in an update!?
Innovators dilemma*. Technical Debt. Emeshed with a struggling business.

(* read the book)

Problems: Avid is a small company, and the audio work within that is a small part, and it has a lot of products to support for that size company (too many). Complexity of a legacy code base across two platforms. Complexity of native and DSP code bases, complexity of supporting EUCON and multiple controller environments. Struggling company financials, Unstable/incompetent past management from CEO down. A board of directors out of touch and asleep. introduction of an AAX plugin before support in the DAW was apparently scalable/performing enough, introduction of AAX with weaker than it should have been marketing/partner development program, even without that being the “youngest plugin format” likely caused issues vs well baked/tested competitors, apparently rocky migration of large chunks of engineering to an outsource provider, legacy technical architecture decisions that still make Pro Tools sensitive to real time issues (on the other hand other DAWs might just mess your audio). Multiple badly done, distracting and brand harming efforts to compete in the low end consumer hardware and DAW market (seemingly one ongoing with Pro Tools First). I am just warming up, but enough... for now.

But you know what... Avid has surprisingly managed to navigate its way out of many of those issues, and here we are today.

... now if you want to see if you can solve your current problem... start a new thread and provide the info expected.
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