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Default Re: Upgrade to SSD drive with PT 10?

First, thanks for all the help and advice! Nice of you all to take the time...

Sorry I didn't reply right away, had some performances tonight and last night.

I had planned on wiping the hard drive and starting over, updating it to the last compatible OS that Avid lists for PT 10. I do have a Glyph external drive that I'm planning on daisy-chaining with my Mbox Pro 3 to the iMac FireWire 800 port, and I'm planning on putting the Glyph first in the chain. The mbox pro 3 is FW400 only so I want the Glyph to stay running at 800.

As far as RAM goes, I will also be upgrading to 16GB if I get the basic setup working. FireWire cables come Monday to replace the ones I had been using. My PC must have taken some sort of surge in the past because my current FireWire cables don't work, and one of the Mbox FireWire ports doesn't work either.

Again, thanks. Appreciate it very much.
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