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Default Re: Upgrade to SSD drive with PT 10?

There is no such thing as a disk running too fast.

Opening up an iMac and installing anything can be a challenge. Look carefully at online upgrade guides and tear down instructions for this exact model iMac. You may be better off paying a Mac repair center to do stuff for you. Lack of fast external IO (USB 2 and Firewire only) on that model, and lack of official support for High Sierra and Mojave pretty much limits your options here for running modern Pro Tools releases... and 2019.x is so much better than 10 I know where I would want to be. So lots of things to ask yourself before investing in this old iMac, you might consider what a better setup you could get buying a used more recent iMac.

What CPU and exact model number is this iMac... it may not be worth doing a lot with say if it is a Core 2 Duo.
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