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Default Re: NVMe upgrade for Mac Pro 4.1/5.1 Mojave

Many thanks Darryl and Johan, especially for the reassurance regarding Trim.

I've moved the Mojave boot drive to a PCIe adaptor, and all seems to be working at the moment, though I did have some odd moments with PT failing to remember the window setup on 3 monitors. Mojave was not booting consistently (the initial boot screen appearing on a different monitor than expected) but this seems to have settled down after a 'command-alt-p-r' reset.

I'm still considering the NVMe upgrade. Can you identify or recommend one of the 'switched' cards you referred to, please, as I can't find any reference to this technology on Amazon, or any other retailer's site.

Any thoughts on the heatsink option?

Johan, may I ask which exact GPU card you're using, please?

Thanks again.
Martin Nichols

PT Ultimate 2019.6, Mac Pro 12-core 5.1, 48Gb RAM, High Sierra OS, HDX card with HD interfaces.
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