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Default Re: Printing stems "in the box"

Originally Posted by Norad155 View Post
on our atmos setup we use a separate recorder (which is something, because I HATE HATE HATE that workflow...) but it's necessary with the external RMU and all the beds, mixes, and re-renders (downmixes) that you need to print. I don't think people ask for object stripes anymore... but I have only delivered a few things.

We monitor directly from the RMU which is seperate from the stem recorder.
Cool, thanks. So how do the object tracks get delivered then? Is that part of the ADM file?

Saw an exhibition with Will Files at the Dolby Theater in NYC and they had full stripes of the object tracks for Planet of the Apes. Good to hear that the object stripes are becoming a thing of the past.
Jeff Hinton
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