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Default Re: Annoying noises - digi rack 003+

Well claiming “without problems” and then you describe a problem... mmm.

What IO buffer size are you using? Make sure ignore errors is *not* checked.

Troubleshoot if the problem is in your preamp/DI hardware or Pro Tools or guitar (e.g. RF pickup, active pickup with a problem, etc)... do you hear that through direct monitoring (turn up loud to try to hear the dry guitar). Try a different preamp/DI input etc.

What exact OS are you on?

And the answer really will be nobody here will know, you will have to test and try to troubleshoot, but jeez Pro Tools 8, there has been a lot of progress in recent years. 2018 is pretty good. You can get get a one month license to try it out. Need an iLok 2 or 3 or use iLok software based cloud licensing.

If you need more help please describe all the troubleshooting you have done and post a SiSoft Sandra report. Sharing recordings of strange noises can help as well.

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