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Default Re: Will making inessential tracks inactive help reduce latency while recording?

Originally Posted by Dism View Post
^ What he said.

Recording latency tends to have more to do with your interface and how it is connected to your computer (ie, firewire, usb, etc) rather than which plugins you use. Disabling plugins can help you if you are having trouble recording at a lower buffer size (use as low as possible while recording!), but generally won't directly affect input latency.
All true, but wait! There's MORE(have your credit card ready). Just to expound a bit more, running the lowest buffer will usually solve input latency, but there's a bit more to it as high-latency plugins can still back things up. The solution can be to enable ADC and look at the numbers across the bottom of the MIX window(set MIX window to show delay compensation). Look for orange numbers higher than 64 samples. Those will indicate tracks with plugins that have some latency. By making those plugins inactive(right-click>Make Inactive) you will eliminate the worst plugin latency(and you don't lose plugin settings or automation). That's usually enough to record some overdubs after a mix is "built", but if you have a computer that is not a real powerhouse, making some tracks inactive might give you back enough horsepower to actually USE the lowest buffer setting
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