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Default Re: Waverider V2 - just tried it.

Thanks Georgia, I am glad you are enjoying the ride! :)

but they don't specifically say thats what the target levels are LKFS.
We can't really specify that because it largely depends on the source levels and other processing. But a healthy recorded dialogue will sit around -24 LKFS with Wave Rider set around -21/-22.
In my template I use -21 output and this gives me -24LKFS with other processing like eq, limiting etc going on afterwards.

I havent messed with it enough to figure out exactly what the target ratio is changing
That determines how the low level signals should be treated, if target ratio is set looser then the low levels won't be hyped as much.

@ Jesse
I wish he'd make a PC version
But we are.

Check out WaveRider + Defaulter:

Catchin' SYNC app
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