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Default Duet driver (win) worse than no driver

With the Avid IO control and driver, there is insane latency and audio stutters causing the whole system to stutter when used as a regular workstation. On occasion there is even a whole system crash with the cause being something like "AvidDuet.sys"
Removing AVID drivers and IO control actually solves all these issues and gets rid of all latency. The Duet interface can now be used for any regular computer work without chaos. HOWEVER, now Duet cannot be used for actual DAW applications such as protools as protools refuses to recognize it while all other system applications do.

Please fix your windows drivers and remove the latency they cause, because your drivers are demonstrably the cause for whole-system-latency and computer crashes.
Also fix your customer support. I do not see an answer such as "please switch to apple" or "roll back to old versions of windows" as valid solutions, and maybe I'll consider buying and/or recommending Avid products in the future...

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