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Default Re: How do you remove the control 24 arm rest?

I was the OP for this topic.
I'm surprised that DIGI just doesn't make this an available download after all this time.
I'm also sorry to say, that I no longer have the document that they emailed me. (computer got wiped clean for an upgrade. a few 'minor' text files must have got dumped)
Had I known it was going to be such a rare and valuable document I might have done things differently.
(oh, and yes, I've looked through all my old email several times)

Now, there was at least one other person that seemed to have received the magic document. (aka STAINLESS) If that person is still alive perhaps they can make the doc available. (They didn't have an email listed, so I don't know if there's a way to contact them)

Having said all that, here's what I remember about that doc. It required completely disconnecting everything, turning the board upside down, removing all the screws off the bottom, and essentially dismantling the entire console to get to the arm rest, as it needs to be done from the inside !
It just wasn't worth it.

Instead, get a 2.5" wide piece of thin wood, put in a little foam, wrap and staple some leatherette or whatever you fav material is, and just velcro the the thing to the existing arm rest. It will look great and can be done in less time than it would take to just remove all the screws necessary.

What I did, which I think is better, is to make the arm rest a little wider. Say 3.5" to 4".
Once velcro'd on, it will overhang the original arm rest, which is much more comfortable, and is now wide enough to happily hold a computer keyboard as well.

The other advantage is, that if you decide to make changes later, it's easy to do without dismantling the console again. (In my case, this was a prototype, so I'll eventually replace the burgundy leather with black )

Photo available here:

Hope this helps in the meantime while waiting for Digi to respond. (of course it's been years now hasn't it?)
Thomas Anthony
Natural Sound
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