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I've added several example Monitor Profiles for MTRX to the Resource Library. The first is a Basic Stereo configuration shown here:

Stereo_Basic represents a simple Stereo Monitor Profile with a Control Room and 4 Cue Monitors named MonA through MonD. The Control Room includes a Stereo Source via Digilink named PTHD as well as 3 pairs of stereo Dante paths leveraging Dante Virtual Soundcard (these could be iTunes, SoundMiner, etc.) MonA through MonD are designated as CUE (Set Monitor Mode = Cue) such that they could optionally be fed back into the Control Room (add existing source -> MonA for example) so that the engineer could QC exactly what the talent is hearing. MonA through MonD share the Pro Tools and DVS sources but also add individual Mic inputs and Talkback. Each of the 4 Cue Monitors feed outputs to stereo Dante streams, with the presumption that a Focusrite or KLANG headphone DA will be used. Mono FoldDowns are included for both the Control Room and the 4 Cues.

5.1_SMPTE represents a 5.1 Monitor Profile which includes all 6 channel wide input sources including Pro Tools via Digilink, DVS, and multiple coaxial MADI streams which could originate from additional source workstations for example. The Main Output is a 6 channel analog output set in SMPTE order and typical 5.1 to X FoldDowns are included. A pre-fader external Meter path is also defined for a RTW TM3 connected via AES-EBU on the chassis. 2 Cue Monitors for Headphone stations are included with the presumption that they will feed Dante based headphone DA's like a Focusrite AM2. 5.1 to Stereo FoldDowns are included. The Control Room sources are shared with both MonA and MonB.

Monitor Profiles:

Last, when loading these Monitor Profiles, expect to receive an error message since they originated from a different serial number unit than yours. Simply press Cancel, go to Settings > Monitor Profile and tick Enable monitor.


Jeff Komar
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