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Default Re: Will Digi 002 upgrade fix all my problems....

Originally Posted by docbop View Post
MBox and 002 are just interfaces your computer is doing the processing that's generating those errors.
This isn't completely true, as far as I know.

I got rid of my (original) mbox and haven't looked back. It was a few years ago, but I had endless buffer problems, and the situation drastically improved when i switched to the firewire 002R.

Read the specs carefully: All except one of the mboxes (mbox pro) use USB 1.1, which is a slow, old interface. A quick google search reveals that the maximum speed of USB 1.1 is around 1.5 MB/s, while firewire approaches 50 MB/s. That's 30 times faster. More on the benefits of firewire (wikipedia),
Besides throughput, other differences are that it uses simpler bus networking, provides more power over the chain, more reliable data transfer, and uses less CPU resources.[23]
It's a vicious circle with an mbox. You get buffer errors because when you turn the buffer down to reduce latency, and you get buffer errors when you turn it up to improve performance.


My opinion: If you are serious about recording, get firewire, or at least USB 2.0.

Hope this helps.
Adam White,
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