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Default Mix office and music apps in one PC / PT11

Hey there!

I move to an old new PC (Dell m6700 Laptop from 2012/13) and wish not to have two separate Windows7 partitions (made by BootUs) in it , like I have for years. (Some of my gear are not compatible with Win8+ so I stick on Win7 64bit) From some Mac users (PT, Logic, Ableton) I know, that they mix email, graphic and music apps in one Mac (just one boot partition). It would be easier for me also to back up a PC with just one boot partition, instead to backup two partitions - especially because this "hide other boot partition"-feature from BootUs sometimes makes problems to recover partitions properly. Especially today (I use PT11, Waves and Adobe CC since 2014) when you need internet connection for authorize nearly all you apps (Adobe, Wave Central, Gobbler, iLock, ...), you need firewall and antivirus software in your "music pc" anyway. So why do not use the "music pc" for office work too?.. Suggestions? Your personal experience? Just have this IRQ, interrupts issues/nightmares from the past, when your music pc have to be as clean as possible

My "new" laptop:
Dell m6700, 16Gb, i7-3740QM Quad - Ivy Bridge, 512Gb SSD, Maudio 1814 sound card (ten+ years old :) via Firewire

Apps I used in the past from an extra Win7 Partition, which I'm also going to use in my new PC laptop:
- PT11 (for short films sound design and VST-Midi)
The projects are on an external USB3 HDD
- Ableton, Waves, some VSt instruments
- Adobe Premiere CC

Now I would pack following programs to my "one boot partition pc":
- Thunderbird
- Firefox
- Open Office / an older MS Office
- Some CAT (computer aided translation)
- Scanner Soft

May I overlook something (just my second post here), but just find a lot of configuration hints in the threads here, but not the answer for my questions. Thank you for answers or links to the older threads.

Greetings!, Andreas
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