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Default Firmware Upgrade Problem - Any hope?


Any help appreciated. I had an Eleven Rack, purchased the Expansion Pack and maybe got the Firmware up to 1.2.5? I no longer have it, fast forward…I just purchased a used Eleven Rack: 1.0.3, Build .6.2.0 - so an older one I guess.

I downloaded all the Eleven Rack stuff I had in my Avid Account. It’s working, When loading from the GUI Editor, the Fake Bogners are showing up and the Super etc but since I can’t seem to upgrade the Firmware, what exactly is happening? If I manually edit the Blue Bognerish in the GUI, I hear a change but it’s changing a different amp model in the 11R since the Bogner Blue isn’t actually in there? Is that pretty much what is going on?

So…..when I try to update the Firmware and enter my ID# etc from my Avid Account, I get the dreaded “you’ve used your one time to update” error message.

Any hope for me here? Thanks!

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