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Default Command 8 meter LED's

I got a used command 8 for cheap last year, and I'm slowly getting to know it. Looking more and more like it's going to be a very nice way for me to start to enjoy PT again. I have some challenges with movement and vision, so getting away from the mouse/screen is a big help. (Also helps me mix with my ears, and not my eyes.)

One thing I find lacking, though, is the LED meters on it seem to have a very high "trigger level". The meters in the PT mixer window has to reach yellow and red for the LEDs on C8 to light any more than the first green LED.

I would love to have them be more "sensitive" so I can have better visual feedback on the C8. The way it is now, I have to push faders to have that visual feedback and then PT mixer window peak indicators go wild.

I've tried most meter options in preferences, and searched, but nothing. I was hoping for a way to manually set this.

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