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Default Re: Heads-up on Plugin Alliance SSL E channel

Originally Posted by Bob L View Post
That's not the case. I bought several in the past few months and got my first $50 voucher yesterday. More likely, your rolling yearly total dipped under the $ threshold for the $50 level. I don't think waiting till next month is going to work for you.
I just posted on this same subject over on GS. Here's what I wrote there:
"I'm puzzled myself. I added up my purchases over the last calendar year and they total $384.80 which firmly puts me in the $50/month club. Even if I discount the $49 I spent on getting the E channel in June that still puts me over the $300 level. Just reinforces what I wrote previously here. And that leaves me with a $25 July voucher I have zero use for (not with my CFO - aka The Wife - watching over my shoulder)."

So I'd suggest adding up your expenditures over the last year. You may be surprised what comes up. And the amounts include the voucher value; IOW what I ended paying through PayPal. I've seen this happen last year with lower voucher amounts.

The fellow I replied to over on GS had an expenditure that put him over the $600 mark and he only got a $50 voucher and NOT the $75 one so I'm sticking with what I wrote about PA lowering the voucher amounts because of this special deal.

edit for correction:
I typed things wrong and meant to say I added up everything I purchased from this time last year until now.
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