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Default Heads-up on Plugin Alliance SSL E channel

Actually this will go for anyone who owns either the E or G channels and would like to have the other channel. Check your account on the Plugin Alliance site in the 'registered plugins' page and you may find you're eligible to get the other plugin. For me I just got the E channel for $49 (had a $50 coupon) and when I went to check my registered plugins I was made aware of the fact that I was eligible to get the G channel for $99 - I'm sure it will work the other way around if you have the G and want the E channel.

I fired off an email to PA support asking if there's a time limit for the deal and don't expect to hear anything back until at least Monday. If there's no time limit I'll wait to see what kind of voucher I get for July; if recent history is any indicator it should be $50. That would mean that between the E & G channels I'd get $598 s/w for a grand total of $98. Not bad eh?
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