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Default Re: your opinion on PRE vs. 96

I think Nils wants to connect his keyboards/sound modules to the PRE before connecting it to his 192 I/O interface.
I think it's a good idea.
As far as I know the PRE has separate XLR (mic) and 1/4" jacks (line/inst) inputs and they are selectable from the PRE's front panel or directly from ProTools.
So Nils could have all his (16 max.) analog sources connected to the PRE (8 mics on XLRs and 8 line/intruments on jacks) and the 8 analog outputs of the PRE connected to the (8) analog inputs of the 192 I/O.
No need for a 96 I/O yet (unless you need more than 8 simultaneous analog inputs).
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