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Default 2018.7 update fixes the DSP spikes (mac)!

My system hasn't performed this well in at least 8 months. I can again record into complicated sessions at 24/88.2 with a buffer of 64 samples.

EDIT: Well that was nice while it lasted. 8 hours later (of course when musicians show up) the CPU started to go berserk with spikes and errors. Had to turn hyperthreading off again so I could record. Soooooo unhappy.

EDIT AGAIN: Can someone (mod) delete this thread? The title is no longer accurate and people will find the entire premise misleading.

OSX 10.13.6
Mac Pro 5,1 (flashed efi) 12 X 3.46 Ghz 32gb Ram
Orion 32 (usb)

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