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So I just bought the Crane Song plugs for some music mixing I'm doing and it kind of blew my mind.
same just happened to me. I edited and mixed a short movie and experimented a bit, to see, if there any virtues in using these tapeemulators/harmonic generators. while inflator is too much low mid/hi bass emphasizing, which did not work so well for me with voices, Phoenix really sounds amazing. The automation works fine and after 3 days demoing I knew, I would keep it for the mix. I immediately bought it, because it is well worth it.

I started last year expanding my tool palette with transmod and inflator (and warmth of the dynamics) and found interesting different ways in dealing with sound and dynamics as opposed to using simply an eq and compressor plug. very inspiring tools also to deal with foley treatment, adr and so on.

Although the work ITB definitly is less linear and staightforward than with classical mixing techniques (and also really less capable in regards to complex settings), I meanwhile feel a little cumbersome working on Harrisons MPC, because it is so simple (which is also an advantage) and less sophisticated as regarding technical means (of course with the exception of MPC4D, but thats a different league as well).

But back to the issue, Phoenix is now my new first choice for Dialog (only subtle settings), inflator works better with fx for me, transmod is a sacred tool to deal with transients. It helps to rescue roomy or muffled dialog. I tried McDsp Analog Channel some years ago and could not use it for post work, massey tapehead is fine for phone distortion (if I am too lazy to fiddle with speakerphones parameters, which is also a gorgeous plug) and I had not tried digis reeltapesuite. and with those plugs i've got now, I am pretty much satisfied and will finish trying unknown stuff (for now).

I will see, what the experience with these plugs will be with the next months work...

have a nice weekend
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