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Default Re: Problem opening/installing "10.3.8.dmg" in Mountain Lion

Originally Posted by tony20970 View Post

I have Pro Tools 11 installed on my Mac i7 and it runs perfectly. I need plug-in compatibility between PT11 and earlier versions of Pro Tools so I downloaded my copy of Pro Tools 10.3.8 from Avid so I can have PT11 and PT10 co-installed on my Mountain Lion OS.

My mac is not connected to the internet, because I do not want any automatic updating to Mavericks OS, so I can have both versions co-installed.

However, when attempting to open "Pro_Tools_10_3_8_Installer_80777.dmg" it says the disk image could not be opened. "Reason: Not Recognized". I tried dragging the icon into the Applications folder and manually trying to "mount the image" and it is "not recognized".

What am I missing here? Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you!!
You can leave a Mac connected to the net and don't have to worry about it automatically updating to Mavericks. The Mac operating system won't do that. Back to the problem at hand - you might have a bad download and I'd try it again. You might also have to turn off sandboxing - Google for how to do that. It's a security measure that's supposed to prevent opening/running/installing programs that don't specifically have Apple's blessing.

Assuming you have a good download and have turned off sandboxing all you should have to do is to double click the .dmg file. A window will open up with various things in it; double click on the 'install PT10' icon. Also make sure you're running as administrator.
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