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Default Re: SurrLongDelys???

Originally Posted by Raoul23 View Post
Thanks for the info BScout if IIRC Ive seen the option to adjust/select the pan law on my HD rig. If Im just mixing in Stereo is it worth me just having the stereo plugin in the folder and not the others ??

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I guarantee there is no choice on pan law as far as I can remember for Pro Tools that supported the Core/Accel cards. Possibly the last 10HD software but I don't think so. It was strictly by the mixer choice.

As for just using the stereo mixer plugin, sure if you don't use surround at all. However, that -2.5 pan law makes things center focused due to the slight emphasis when you move things to a center (phantom) image. It is a different sound. So if you have old mixes, don't expect them to playback the same. If you start new mixes, you'll naturally compensate for this difference.

Like JFreak, standard procedure for our Pro Tools systems back then was only leaving the surround dither mixer in the plugin folder and putting the rest in inactive plugins. But I work in surround and stereo and it was disconcerting to (A) not have audio sound the same when going from one track type to the other and (B) not to match up with the pretty global standard of -3dB equal loudness (we have audio coming in originating from other programs/recorders that also use -3dB)

I remember when Logic Pro changed their default panning law to -3dB and everyone was going on about how they had improved Logic Pro's sound engine. And all it was about is going to the -3 dB law (since most users never were aware of panning laws in the first place and stuck with the default.) It can make a big difference to mixes (especially if you have mono/center focused vocals or instruments)
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