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Default Re: SurrLongDelys???

You can mix stereo with the surround mixer. You may not remember having done this but you might only have the surround mixer active. There are 4 mixer plugins in the plugin folder: stereo, surround, stereo dithered, surround dithered. IIRC, stereo and surround are in the plugin folder and stereo dithered and surround dithered are in the inactive folder.

What many of us did was remove the stereo mixer leaving only the surround mixer in the plugins folder. That forces Pro Tools to always use the surround mixer even for stereo sessions. The reason to do this is the stereo mixer uses a 2.5 pan law (IIRC) and the surround mixer uses the 3 dB equal loudness pan law. In later versions (like Pro Tools 12 and 2018), they made both default to -3 dB and allowed it to be adjustable but in the Core/Accel days, you could not adjust this. Only way to get Pro Tools to use the correct 3 dB pan law was forcing it to use the surround mixer (dithered or not dithered.)

You can quickly check this by seeing what your session setup shows as the pan law. If it shows 3 dB, you are using the surround mixer.

So, your delays would show up as Surround Delays even on mixing stereo if the mixer was the surround version.
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