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Default Re: The Avid renewal "come on" then denial after I buy???

Originally Posted by blackmacdaddy View Post
...I did renew, just before Christmas on the 22nd. My vanilla 12 license expires today, 12-29-2017...
Perpetual licenses (included with Upgrade Plans) don't expire. The Expiration Date field in your screenshot is blank. So you can continue running the verion(s) released during your Plan's term.
...Upon returning from the holidays today, with my System ID and Renewal Code in hand, I tried to register on my account. But now wants my "renewal number"? I check my account and it is "on hold" because Avid won't accept my Eleven Rack serial number?...
Checked your account and that shows you redeemed a Pro Tools LE to Pro Tools 11 Crossgrade (that's why it's asking for a hardware serial number). These were discontinued in early 2016 so I'll start a support case for you to get more info.
..I tried to file a support case, because I have a support plan, or I thought that's what it was? (It's called the Upgrade and Support Plan but, I dunno or is it this System ID I have OR do I need to buy an ASC code or???)...
If you have support you can sign into and click Access the Support Center (Portal) > Cases > New Case...
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