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Default Re: Considering a Saffire 56. Opinions wanted

Man, I will take your word on that, So did I just miss this? All of that for under a grand, and you are saying the liquid pres are that good.... I am getting mad at my Apogee Mini Me at the moment, but at the time for me it was the best option. I sill love the sound of Apogee, plus a much better clock to boot. It has served me well. But man that Saffire 56 is looking sweet! I just can't believe there has not been more noise about this thing. Thats a lot for under a grand.....

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I helped a friend of mine set 1 up & I must say it is sweet!!! Sounds much better than stock Digi racks.. latency didn't seem to be any issue whatsoever.. if I hadn't invested so much into my rack i'd get 1 in a 'fruit snack' especially being that its only 1buck on'eim!!! He also has the Liquid mix too.. & those liquid pres are pretty farkin amazing too!.. u really get a lot for the little $ u spend for it...

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