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Default Re: Huge adc bug!??

i do understand. This huge disaster of a bug is now being fixed. Later than it should have been. I am quite familiar with the MIDI "game", since i have been working with digidesign since my audiomedia card and samplecell card, and then passed through PTIII, PT mix, and PTHD over the years. With a side order of digi002 along the way.) At some point the problems with the midi programming design of protools were worth the pain because the mixing and audio were functioning better than digital performer back. But saying "pro tools isn't the best at midi" does not excuse letting this bug exist for two years. I am not asking for this to be fixed yesterday with no reason. I would love for the midi to go to the ultimate level (midi efx like ableton has would be awesome for example), but most important is just to function in peace with my system.

And i do understand that some response is better than no response. The fact that digitechsupt has responded is definitely worth something in this situation. It shows someone is listening. I am just expressing my feelings to that person, hoping that the people at AVID will use the phrase, "loyal customer", a few more times than they already have this week. How about an email from the ceo saying, "Hey team, remember our loyal customers this week." Another way for AVID to make money is to support the professionals using their stuff so well that we don't have to spend tons of time teching our gear and can spend more time finishing work. Then we will have lots more extra money to buy all the little add-ons and instruments they make.

OK, I will stop now. I watched other people submit what i thought was the necessary explanation of this bug, I felt it didn't receive enough attention, I was irritated about that, and I asked for more attention. There is no real problem here beyond what gets fixed and when. When information about that is available I would love to hear it.
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