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Originally Posted by fantastic machine View Post
yes, i understand that it is not a simple question of greed vs. integrity, and i'm sure there are some people at digi/avid who are really trying hard to make this software something to be proud of, and aren't satisfied with shoddy programming or design. And I already had in mind the reality - if Logic smokes PT then we'll all have a problem, because, as you point out, low sales equals little money to hire developers, etc., and then nothing gets fixed.

Getting back to the midi bug- I hope in the future, avid can take more notice of a problem like this, which affected basically every HD user, much more seriously. I know I would prefer being able to record MIDI properly to having adjustable color brightness on my tracks, or even to having the second set of sends and auxes, which i'm sure took some time to work out. All of this to say, the features are nice, but I am sure most professional users would be willing to miss out on christmas, so to speak, so they could have the basic stuff working.

Also, a bug list, and what is planned for each item, would be a great way to save people time hunting down issues in their system. That is probably another "sales killer" that can't be implemented, but one can dream.
You still don't quite understand - Avid has taken notice of this and to some it may not seem that it has the priority that some think it should have. Sure, we'd all like to have all of our aggravations fixed with the program yesterday but understand there's a finite amount of: people to work the problem & hours in the day. Some things may just be easier to implement and/or fix and it's that kind of low-hanging fruit that companies tend to go after. People that have been in this game a long time have pretty much always known PT doesn't have a stellar reputation for MIDI work and go elsewheres for MIDI-based production. It's starting to change but not fast enough for some.

Having a bug list - yeah, that'd be nice. But you'll probably never see an official bug list, nor will you ever see an official response on exactly what is being done to swat said bugs. All you'll get is a 'we're working on it' and that's not a bad thing. Look at it this way - at least you're getting a response and not left totally hanging out in the cold (especially in the Northeast US ).
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