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Default Syncing pro tools hd and 3 camera live video shoot

I'm consulting on a live video shoot that my sister is doing and while I'm fine in the audio world I'm not that well versed when it comes to syncing things together while doing a live shoot. My question is what is the most simple way to make sure the audio is in sync with what is being shot? We are renting a turnkey PT Hd system with Sync I/O. Is that all I need?

I've read a few older posts on here about recording the timecode on an audio track but not sure what happens after that. Is the timecode being recorded while the audio is being recorded? Is it possible to put PT into external and have the timecode from the camera trigger the PT while I'm recording the audio tracks? If that doesn't work then what is the procedure after the timecode is recorded? as you can see I have a few questions......... haha.

The camera being used I believe does not accept timecode but they will be giving the PT operator a sync feed.

Anyway the shoot is in the Burbank area. I'm in L.A., Winnetka to be more specific. My sister is also trying to find someone that she could pay to come by for a couple of hours just to get things up and running. This is a non profit company but I know there's a little bit of money for this. I must say trying to find info on this topic has not been easy and I know a few people in this business. Obviously not the right ones........ haha.

Thanks for any info and help on this.

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