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Default Quicktime Tips and Tricks fullscreen movie in PTLE

I have Quicktime Pro so I don't know if the following applies for regular Quicktime users. I was playing around with a 320x240 Quicktime movie opened in Quicktime Pro when I manually resized the player/movie to a larger window. For some reason I saved as ... (using the Save normally (allowing dependencies)) option. When I next imported the movie I saved as ... into Pro Tools LE 6.1.1, lo and behold it showed up at the larger size!! So going back into Quicktime Pro, I kept resizing and saving until I got the movie to import into PTs and be fullscreen on my second 14" monitor set to 640x480. Cool! and there doesn't seem to be a performance hit on playback. Something else that's interesting since none of that shows up in any manuals: contrary to the manual, I am running PT's with mixed mode screens i.e 17"LCD @ 1280x1024 16 bit colour. and 14" CRT @ 640x480 32 bit colour.

ATI Radeon Pro 9600, 128mb ram and a P4 2.8 and 512mb ram.
... = the name I saved as.
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