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Default Repeatable problem MP 7.4 upgraded to 8, ProFire 2626 problem

Two separate issues.

Here's what's happening. Every time.


Changed from pro tools MP 7.4 to 8.

ProFire 2626.

When opening the 7.4 session in 8, grey screen of doom, kernel panic, hard shut down.

When creating a new session in 8 and importing all tracks via session data import, grey screen of doom, kernel panic, hard shut down.

Hard shut downs, kernel panics. Great.

HOWEVER, isolated the problem to the AUX's of the 7.4 session. If I do not import the AUX's of the 7.4 session, and only bring in the audio tracks, all is well. They import, they reconnect the files, they redraw my fades, they import plugin data. AUX's are apparently EVIL from 7.4. 8 cannot handle them or import them. Beware!!


Our ProFire 2626, while I love her and think her features are bloody brilliant, is, like some women, freaking neurotic.

If I shut EVERYTHING in the studio down, including the power conditioners and battery backups, and then come back in at a later date and fire everything up, the ProFire throws a tantrum.

First, all red and green lights on the front panel briefly light up.

Then, channels 3, 4, 5, and 6 all output nasty tone at an awful volume.

It is then not seen by the computer.

It takes a reinstall of the M-Audio driver, and a strange combination of power cycles to get it to be seen by the computer.

However, if I leave the ProFire ON, blinking blue light and all, after shutting everyone else down (but leaving the power conditioners and battery backups on) everything is kosher when I come back to work.

What is THAT about? Do I have to change some setting for the "standalone" operation of the 2626?

Any ideas? Anyone else experience this? What's your method for keeping this beautiful yet INSANE woman happy?

Thanks in advance.
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