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Default Re: committing elastic audio in 7.4 is it fixed yet

What happens is every once in a while it'll just randomly shift 1 track of the drum group to the wrong beat. Last time it happened it shifted the bottom snare mic one 8th note or so for 2 measures. There was 4 of these "mistakes" in a 30 sec section.

I have seen this happen if I load or reload a real time EA session right after working on another. Go into manual tempo mode and change the tempo a little, play PT, then put your tempo back to what it should be. This has always worked for me. Another thing that worked was to render and then revert to real time mode.

As a side note I also feel that EA "smears" the phase of grouped drum tracks. Digi came right out and said that EA was a complicated algorithm and that some shift WILL happen which is resonable, but it'd be great if they could research a way to do time shift while maximizing the integrity of the source.

The tightest phase would come from Analysis markers being manually created across the entire group (this now works well with 7.4cs2). Aside from being a slow and laborious process, you would not have as much transient preservation on the tracks late to the marker.

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