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Default Re: Plugins for protools first

Nope, do what I already suggested, starting out with trashing prefs.... always the first thing to try. You can skip deleting the plugins however.

Then try reinstalling First as I described if that does not work.

You may want to try a new download of the installer from your account before running the install again.

Still stuck, post info about your computer. Post a Sandra report if on a PC.
Info how to do that is under troubleshooting under "Help Us Help You".

Make sure you have free space on the boot/system drive, you'll need ~<2 GB to install stuff

Make sure you do not change anything from the standard install, let the installer install stuff where it want to and make sure the account running the installer had admin privileges.

But if a really still stuck, then things seem kinda hosed and you may well end up needing to reinstall your Operating System... so do what I suggested carefully and hopefully you won't have to.

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