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Default Re: Installed Yosemite with PT 11.3 No 3rd Party VI's in Session

Originally Posted by gives View Post
Installed Yosemite 10.10.01 /with PT 11.3 No 3rd Party VI's in Session
NOTE .. They do run in standalone mode and in other programs fine.
I usually never have trouble, however even when the EQplug-in's/VI's etc are in the folders as they are, they are not being seen in the sessions.. Missing Kontakt, Izotope, Altiverb.. As an experiment, I did install Altverb 7.2.4 as a test and it immediately showed up. Funny, since it was already there. I guess I have to just re=install the plugs ins manually again to have them seen. I did to a NON clean install, but felt it would be fine since this is the first OS update from Mavericks on a New 6Core trash can. Anyone else seen this..
Was running 11.2.1 beforehand on OS X 10.9.5
AND Yes.. I do have a full cloned BU, but am not on the job for at least 14 days so my upgrade is not too serious other than time-:)

Thnx in advance and just wanted to throw this to the community.
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OK The fix was to just reinstall all the individual plugins.. Libraries were OK>. This was only happening in Protools. Not in any other of my sequencers and DAW's DP Live etc..
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