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Default Re: Opinions wanted: P4 2.8 ghz to Powerbook 1.25

besides; even with straight comparison in pure power, 1.25GHz G4 would equal to pentium4 of about +2GHz.
Bull. I own both. Dont beleive the hype. Your 1.25Ghz Powerbook with an outboard firewire drive will be no more powerful then a 1.33Ghz PC. My Dual 1.25 G4 performs about the same as the 2Ghz (XP2400) Athlon. And only slightly better than a 1.7Ghz Pentium M laptop.

There some really good reasons to buy an Apple laptop for ProTools. Raw ProTools performance for the $$$ is not one of them. Stability, plugin selection, and stability would be the big ones. Oh yeah and the Windows wave driver .... whats that smell ???

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