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Default Opinions wanted: P4 2.8 ghz to Powerbook 1.25 ghz?

HI there,

Ill post this in both the Windows and Mac forums just to see the response I get, though I am seeking honest opinions, since I am kind of stuck on this issue...


I am in love with the Powerbook G4's. I know the PB G4 1.25 ghz are more than enough to power the Digi 002 rack that I have. But currently I am using a custom built P4 2.6 Ghz machine that, to be honest, works pretty well with the 002 Rack. It has a gig of Ram, and only on occasion do i run into problems running too many RTA's. I can run about 5-6 RTA DVerbs before I get the message to chill out.

But 2.6 ghz are much different than 1.25 Macs. BUT HOW MUCH DIFFERENT? Will a Powerbook G4 1.25 perform better/same/worse then my P4 2.6 Windows machine? I want to make the jump to the Powerbook due to its portability and sleekness and MAC sturdyiness (which makes sense with my 002 Rack), but I will be a little upset if it runs like a turtle next to my 2.6 Windows machine.

any thoughts? Experiences? ideas?

I thank you all in advance for your replies.

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