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Default Re: Pro Tools 12 with Sierra 10.12.6

Originally Posted by DistractMusic View Post
Did you end up having any problems? I've been working on El Capitan for a long time and need to upgrade to Sierra for other reasons. I have Protools 12.6 and was wondering how 12.5.2 did on Sierra 10.12.6. I know on the website it says that protools 12.6 is only compatible with 10.12 but I can't find a working version of 10.12...which is why my only option would be to upgrade to 10.12.6.

Anyways, I would love to hear how its been going or went for you
If you have or can get a base install of Sierra like OSX 10.12.0 use Google to find the combo updater for the version you want to use. You'd first install OSX 10.12.0 and THEN do the combo update over that.
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