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Default Re: feedback/criticism please

Originally Posted by JRReedVE View Post
Can I get some feedback/criticism on my reel please.

Yes.. [emoji6]... my 2 Cents...
1. the cricket is too present (it should be more far away outside. Filter it a little bit in the high frequencies)
2. At pouring the bottle, we hear a swapping liquid. This normally occurs only if a bottle is tilted very fast and the waves of a liquid are breaking. So better leave it away.
3. The motion of the arms can be more present (is it even there? Just used the speaker of my smartphone to listen). Try to produce sounds for every movement. Especially after pouring and laying back the hand on the table.
4. The atmosphere is very static. Maybe the situation is that the protagonist is allone in a abandoned place. But there should be more than a static noise and a cricket that draws the attention of the audience. Try some soft wind (maybe it causes some old doors/window to swing?!), try a dog or coyote barking far away. Even the chair could make some crackling noise. Instead of one cricket, try a swadron of crickets to illustrate the heat outside. You could support the atmosphere by a fly buzzing in the background (use stereo, but do not make the fly a focus of the scene).
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