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First, thank-you so much for your reply and advice.

I should have provided more information, and I apologize for that. Let me add the following:

I switched over to Logic Pro X because I had to switch to an Imac, and I heard a lot of good things about Logic. I am very pleased with it. That's not to take away anything from ProTools, as I really liked it as well.

I don't think i will update to the latest version of Protools because I am vested with Logic.

I do have a Fast Track Ultra, but I found that it became unstable as the drivers were no longer updated. I am running Windows 10 on my PC, which clashes with the FT Ultra, as well as Windows 7 (dual boot) whihc is simply there to facilitate Pro Tools 8.

The reason Pro Tools 8 works on the Windows 7 PC is because I am now using a very old M-Audio FT Pro.

So, my goal is to replace thw M-Audio FT Pro with something more modern, but small. Again, its only purpose will be to work with my previous PT projects.

On the Logic DAW, I am using a Steinberg UR44 whihc i have found to be a solid pick with great features, I highly recommend it.

So back to the problem- is there a small audio interface that would work with Pro tools 8 M Powered, preferably on Windows 10- failing that, Windows 7.

Again. Sorry for the missing details and thanks again!
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