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Default Pro Tools 12 with Sierra 10.12.6

Anybody use any versions of Pro Tools 12 with Sierra 10.12.6? I had to upgrade my computer to this. I am on PT 12.5.2 and it seems to be working with Sierra 10.12.6, but am wondering if there are any other versions that have worked well for others such as PT 12.6 or 12.7? I stopped the annual upgrade a while back, so my PT version only goes as high as 12.7.

Keep in mind, PT 12.5-12.7 are not supported with Sierra 10.12.6. (Only PT 12.6 w/ OS 10.12, PT 12.6.1 w/ OS 10.12.1, and PT 12.7 w/ OS 10.12.2)


Thanks for your time!

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