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Default Re: Why yes, this is the successful Hackintosh build thread!

Originally Posted by Dism View Post

Avid's best help is the community that supports itself. That i7 thread is nearly 500 pages long, and is one of main reasons why Windows users even have support. If it weren't for crafty PC builders, all we'd have is a list of crappy Dells, and pricey Macs.
It goes way beyond the i7 sticky though, as there's also:...and even the current non-stickies:The Pro Tools hardware/software sales generated from those threads alone are responsible for a lot of revenue the past 12 years. It's in their best interest to acknowledge custom builds and make the information easy to find via a sticky, instead of a user sifting through thousands of scattered threads and posts. Keep in mind folks that a sticky does not mean, "Avid approved & endorsed", as there's just no way they could qualify all those systems.

As a side note, the originator of the sticky usually puts in quit a few years of updating and maintaining the sticky. It's a lot of work just for that alone. Even when you retire from it, it still goes on as people hunt you down via email.

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