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Default Re: Avid Mbox vs. Apogee Duet - Mini Review

Originally Posted by gracejames View Post
Thanks for the review. Enlightening. Have you had any stability issues with Duet Drumster? Anyone?
The only stability issue I had with the Duet was the presence of hardware buffer errors when I switched back and forth from the HD TDM engine in my main studio (Mac Pro). I wanted to compare the differences between the TDM engine and the native engine within PT9 and used the Duet as my native interface. The strange thing about these errors was that they occurred without any plugins on the track. This didn't happen with the Mbox, so I'm wondering if it had something to do with Core Audio getting screwed up after PT9 had recently been used with the TDM engine. This is really a guess though and probably wouldn't affect most users. The good news is that when exclusively working in Native, switching between the Mbox and Duet was seamless and without any hiccups. There were absolutely no buffer errors to speak of at all. To answer your original question, I would rate Duet as a very stable, third party interface within Protools 9.
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