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Default 7.4 Hiccup...

Soooooo... The question I had for the guy at AES: What if, when analyzing loops in the browser window, Pro Tools doesn't correctly identify the loop (number of bars etc). He said, "As long as I've been using it (which was since that morning) I haven't run into that issue."

Well, I'm here to tell you.... It's an issue. I just went down an old loop CD (aiff files) and many didn't come back right. A four bar loop would come up as being 7/2/448 so it would play slow and out of time. All things considered, this is a pretty amazing feat, but the fact remains that the incorrect ones are now useless and there is no way to correct it that I can find. I've tried the different "analysis plugins" and none seem to fair better.

I analyzed a folder of 276 loops and 26 of them came back presumably erroneous... Anyone else notice this?
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